Thank the Lord for meeting a good pattern such us our dear brother Paul Wu.

I did not only met him as a trainer in the FTTT training but also serve together during the book room exhibits, see each other during the Taipei Elderly Saints Blending and in many other gatherings.

I remember back then when we do not have “The Word For Morning Revival, English Version” to pursue here in Taiwan, I and another sister called him for fellowship. Immediately without further ado, he printed in demand “The Word For Morning Revival, English Version” , which until now all the saints, especially the saints from other countries who cannot read Chinese are enjoying it.  In spite of his condition he continually serve and fellowship with everyone.  I remember him asking my health condition even though he himself was weak from his dialysis. I was so touch for a brother who always there if you need fellowship.


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Last modified: 2020 年 3 月 11 日



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