My memory about Brother Wu
My memory about Brother Wu

On March 5th, in the early morning, I got a news on brother Wu’s departure. And I was so surprised. And immediately after I called brother Daniel Tao, Taiwan leading coworker. He told me the story about his departure. Then I started praying for his family and Taipei. After that I recalled my memory about... » read more

Our contact with Brother Wu in Europe

In the past decades, through our dear Brother Wu, the Lord had richly blessed His testimony and His saints in Europe. In the late ’90s, for answering the call of this Ministry, some full-time serving saints were sent from Taiwan to Europe for His move. Neglecting the distance and time zones, our dear brother had... » read more

The last letter to my dearest grandpa…

To my dearest grandpa, I was extremely sad to hear about your sudden death after school was over past Wednesday. We flew back to Taiwan immediately but we still can only see your dead body…. you are cold but with a very peaceful smile…. however I still cried because you won’t be able to talk... » read more

A Good Pattern to Everyone

Thank the Lord for meeting a good pattern such us our dear brother Paul Wu. I did not only met him as a trainer in the FTTT training but also serve together during the book room exhibits, see each other during the Taipei Elderly Saints Blending and in many other gatherings. I remember back then... » read more