On March 5th, in the early morning, I got a news on brother Wu’s departure. And I was so surprised. And immediately after I called brother Daniel Tao, Taiwan leading coworker. He told me the story about his departure. Then I started praying for his family and Taipei. After that I recalled my memory about him. Thank the Lord that He gave us such a brother who served the Lord faithfully, diligently and desperately. He was so absolute for the Lord’s recovery however he was full of humanity of Jesus and cared for me. I had a privilege to have an intimate fellowship with him from 1986 when I was in FTTT. Even after graduation from FTTT and returning to Japan in 1988, I had many opportunities to fellowship with him either in Japan and Taipei. Every time I met him, he always enlightened me with much encouragement. He stayed in my house in Kobe, Japan several times and he told me his story on his service in Taiwan Gospel Book room and the churches in Taiwan. My impression about him is that he was so absolute for the Lord at the same time so human and so practical to solve the issues. One time, I was weeping due to the hardship, he encouraged me and his word really touched me and convinced me to go forward in the Lord.

And he also came to Japan many times for the training or conference in Japan and many times I did translation for him. Last December when I went to Taiwan to have fellowship with brother Lin Horng, I had an opportunity to fellowship with brother Wu. He suffered the sickness but he was still very strong in his spirit and encouraged me very much as usual. This small contact became my last contact with him.

Now I have confidence that the Lord will continuously go forward in Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan and many other countries in Asia though I lost the words when I had the news. I strongly believe that his testimony strengthens and will strengthen me and the churches in the world.

Masashi Yoriki, church in Kobe, Japan

March 10th, 2020

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