In the past decades, through our dear Brother Wu, the Lord had richly blessed His testimony and His saints in Europe.
In the late ’90s, for answering the call of this Ministry, some full-time serving saints were sent from Taiwan to Europe for His move. Neglecting the distance and time zones, our dear brother had always made himself and his phone available to them. A sister once testified, Brother Wu traveled a lot but no matter where he was, he never refused her call.
In the mid-2000s, with a good number of Chinese-speaking saints being raised up in Europe, the serving brothers began the annual Chinese-speaking conference in Paris. Since then, our dear brother kept joining this event as long as he was not occupied by an emergency. The participants of this conference come from different cities in Europe. Every time when Brother Wu saw us, he always joyfully called our names and talked to us. On the one hand our brother took care of His move in Europe, but on the other hand he was more concerned with our personal life and needs in foreign countries.
Around 10 years ago, a trip was arranged for several Chinese-speaking brothers from Europe to visit Taiwan and share with young people there about the burden of His move to Europe. During these four days Brother Wu emptied his busy calendar and drove us by himself to several teenagers’ and students’ events in different cities in Taiwan. Maybe because of the exhausting trip, our brother didn’t speak that much. But he always asked us to share more with the young people. Later, a brother asked him why he had left his busy schedule aside and accompanied us through the whole trip. He answered briefly that because the Lord’s move to Europe was a big burden of Brother Lee.
Since the 2016 Gospel trips in Germany, Brother Wu traveled to Germany and Europe more often even though his healthy condition didn’t allow him to do so. In our impression, he did most while visiting saints was to invite them for dinner and to cherish them. With his accompanying, many leading brothers in Taiwan had visited Germany in these years. A brother in Germany testified that while he was driving Brother Wu and other Taiwanese brothers during their trip, he found Brother Wu couldn’t enjoy the trip that much due to his illness. But he still forced himself to travel with those brothers so they could also receive the burden he had for Germany and Europe.
In both his life and work, our brother was a remarkable example for us. We are very grateful to the Lord for giving us such a thoughtful pattern in His body.

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