To my dearest grandpa,

I was extremely sad to hear about your sudden death after school was over past Wednesday. We flew back to Taiwan immediately but we still can only see your dead body…. you are cold but with a very peaceful smile…. however I still cried because you won’t be able to talk to me, hug me and kiss me anymore….

I still remember last year, the days in UCLA medical center, you survived with lots of medications and I wish I can be a doctor in the future to cure your sickness. I visited you almost everyday and you came living with us for a month after that. We had the happiest family life ever that I reminded you to take medicine everyday and we eat dinner at home every night and we sleep right next to you to watch you getting better and better and our family was so happy about your speedy recovery! I feel sad that maybe if our family can stay with you this time, you might survive….but we can’t and we were too far away from you….

I loved you a lot, especially for giving me a iPhone 10 when I was 10 years old, always taking me to eat ice cream and quality restaurants and even coming to see my performances despite your sickness. When I was little, I always told my mom that you were like an owl because you only visited me at night. Now I know that you were always busy serving the church and could not visit your family during the day.

It is  such a shame that you could not go to my elementary school graduation or watch my baptism anymore. You were a great grandfather who loved me and my family a lot. Thank you for all you have done for us and I will always remember you forever and ever…

Your beloved grandson,


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Last modified: 2020 年 3 月 12 日



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