In August 1988, I met Brother Wu for the first time in Taipei Hall 16. I did not have much opportunity to fellowship with him to know much of him at that time. In February of the following year, I participated in the sixth term of Brother Lee’s full-time training held in Taipei, and I was assigned to Hall 16 on the weekends. Only then did I have more understanding and contact with Brother Wu. The slogans shouted at that time were “Being revived every morning, overcoming everyday, taking care on weekdays, and prophesying on Lord’s day.” Every Monday, there is a new way evaluation meeting. I saw him coordinate with everyone in door knocking and in visiting people. After August, I returned to Hualien to serve full time.

During this period, Hualien practiced small groups according to Brother Lee’s book “The Practice of the Group Meetings”. The churches in various places often came to blend and fellowship. Brother Wu once brought Brother Gong huan Huang of Japan to visit, and then brought 80 people of Hall 1 in two tour buses to visit. Brother Wu said, “You have carried forward the practice of Hall 16.” On April 28 and 29, 1990, Brother Lee came to Hualien to hold a special conference with the general subject of “Being Conformed to the Image of the Son of God “. Before each meeting, Brother Wu drove Brother Lee to the venue (Labor Recreation Center). After the meeting, Brother Wu drove Brother Lee back to his accommodation.

After Brother Lee returned to the United States, the doctor ordered him not to travel long distances, and Brother Wu led us brothers from Taiwan to the United States. Brother Wu said, Brother Lee can’t come, so let’s go. Year after year without ceasing. After Brother Lee died in 1997 and was with the Lord, he continued to lead us to the seven annual trainings and conferences until now. He followed the ministry closely without any break. In recent years, his body was unwell and needed kidney dialysis but he still endeavored with his all. This is truly a good pattern and encouragement to us.

In these years of my going to serve in the Philippines, I often gained his support. One time before going to the Philippines, he invited me to a nearby restaurant in Hall 1 for fellowship, and even afterwards send me personally to the airport. What a cherishing in humanity. When I was discouraged by the difficulties encountered in service during this period, my elder brother not only supported me, but also comforted, cared for, and strengthened me. My elder brother once said to me, “Your shoulders should be stiffer, don’t get knocked down by the environment and difficulties. His encouragement indeed caused me to overcome many difficulties.

After the fellowship of the work in August 2015, my sister and I started to stay in the Philippines most of the time, and served together here. At the end of the year, Brother Wu and Brother Lin Horng came to the Philippines for the burden to fellowship on the material offerings for the expansion of the training center in the Philippines. On the eve of their return to Taiwan, we were received at the home of a Chinese brother near the airport. That night, I was in the same room with Brother Wu, and Brother Lin Horng was in another room. In order not to interrupt him to sleep, I first fellowship with the host in the living room. About an hour later, I entered the room. Unexpectedly, he waited for me to enter for fellowship. I got cherished again with my elder brothers’ open and encouraging fellowship that night.

Along the way, all the details of my elder brother’s perfecting, support, care, comfort and encouragement to me are difficult to describe. After coming to serve in the Philippines, everything was in fellowship with Brother Wu and Brother Lin. Besides the labor of the senior brothers who laid a good foundation, and the coordination in one accord of the brothers in the Philippines, for the Philippines today to have so many meeting halls, a training center with such good facilities, and a stable number of people, it has much to do with the help from these two brothers. Now Brother Wu has fallen asleep in the Lord, but the example of his service will be deeply rooted in our hearts. He closely follow the ministry of the age and can be said to be a servant of the age under the ministry of the age. He endeavored to be faithful unto death. May we follow his beautiful example together and keep going until the Lord comes. May the Lord comfort his family and bless them.

(Brother Abraham Hsu)

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