In 1989, I was a full-time trainee in Taipei and living in the Hall Three of the Church in Taipei. One night brother Paul Wu came and asked me and two bothers to help him to disassemble some bunk beds in the training centre and uploaded them on a trunk. I was surprised such an honorable leading brother willingly took the lead to carry out the manual work. At the end of the work, I asked our brother why we did so. He answered these bunkbeds would send to England because the Lord will have a new beginning of His testimony there. In 1992, I with my wife moved to London and lived in Putney meeting hall (the first meeting hall in London and later became the first training center in 1997) and I saw those bunk beds in this meeting hall. I started to realize brother Wu’s faithful labor paved the way for the Lord’s move in the UK.

In summer 1992, on the way to Moscow brother Wu with 11 co-workers mainly from Taiwan to London and lived in the Putney meeting hall. He came in my little room in the meeting hall to sphered and intimately supply us. His visit significantly strengthened not only me but also many saints in the UK.

In 2002, I was considering the Lord’s calling for me to return to England when I was teaching in Singapore. Brother Wu led the choir of Taiwan Gospel Room to the meeting hall in Singapore. My wife and I fellowshipped with him the burden, which, however, was hindered by practical issues such as immigration visa. Brother Wu spoked in faith to us that “if you have a heart for the Lord, He will open a way for you”. I also asked him how could we serve Him faithfully if we were physically week. He answered as long as you are not lying in the hospital bed, you are not qualified to say you are too weak to serve. His overcoming spirit greatly encouraged me through that fellowship.


In 2008, Brother Wu visited Birmingham, a few brothers in Birmingham hosted a dinner with him. That time we just bought the meeting in Birmingham, a significant burden for renovation was in the pipeline. After the dinner with our brother, he asked if any help needed for the meeting hall. Then we mentioned to him we are looking for chairs for the church’s meetings, but several decent brands are over our budgets. He did not say much. But after a few weeks later, I received a phone call from a brother saying Brother Wu has prepared a container which will include more than 200 chairs and many tables will be shipped to Birmingham. I was amazed by Brother Wu’s faithful remembrance of the need of the Church in Birmingham. He remembered and supplied our humble request.  If I remember correctly, he just experienced the second-time stroke and a kidney transplant when he visited. What an encouraging example of the Lord’s faithful servant to us!


We deeply miss our dear brother Wu. May the Lord remember our brother’s labor in love for His church.

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